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We stopped calling television ‘television’ quite a long time ago. The TV is just one of many distribution channels for video. In addition to the big three screens (TV, smartphones, tablets), video is consumed in elevators, on the side of buildings, before movies at theaters, on airplanes and through video games amongst other options. No longer are we just evaluating the traditional networks on broadcast television or even the hundreds of options on cable and satellite. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO and even the traditional networks are now providing subscription-based streaming video content that can be excellent venues for advertising. We haven’t even mentioned YouTube yet!

We subscribe to Nielsen ratings in-house and utilize a variety of third party research for planning and we have STRATA in-house to coordinate buying.

The days of figuring out what show to put a :30 second ad are ancient history. How do we account for DVRs and On-Demand? Live Sports and reality TV are often still watched traditionally as ‘appointment’ viewing – tuned in live, the day and time it actually runs. But often those ‘event’ programming options have a huge social element to them as well; such as Twitter feeds running in-game, text voting and other social media engagement. Explore Communications has been planning and buying integrated video for years in spot and national television along with all the other vehicles delivering video content.