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Explore Our Culture

The Explore Team in the Lower Highlands of Denver, Colorado.

There’s nothing stodgy about our approach to media, and our office culture certainly reflects that. You won’t find a cube, unless someone is obsessed with polishing off a Rubik’s that day. Comfortable chairs, the freedom to laugh at wall-peeling decibels, and a space that would constitute any 20- or 30-something’s dream loft. It all adds up to a simple formula: Happy people do better work than unhappy people.

But – and here comes the cliché you were expecting – it’s not just the place, it’s the people. Employees that have a critical say in how the company operates are more likely to fully immerse themselves in their jobs. Ultimately, we have to consider ourselves as a group that’s all in this together. So much so, that we have been named one of the world’s most democratic workplaces. No joke, check it out at

So how did this free and lax strategy for productivity develop? Not an overpaid consultant telling us what direction to go. Not an infomercial for a book series called “How to Turn Yourself into a Successful and Forward-Thinking Media Shop.” Nope, just taking a step back and examining what our core values are and what we stand for. As it turns out, we are exactly who we set out to be. How refreshing.