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Out of Home (OOH)

Transit Advertising ExampleTraditionally OOH has referred to billboards, with the most common and standard form being the 14’x48’ structures you always see on highways. Billboards come in all kinds of sizes and formats including wallscapes, digital, rotating panels and posters. But OOH isn’t limited to billboards.

Transit such as bus backs, bus sides, wrapped buses, trains, platforms, inside and out of transit are all part of the OOH category. We also plan and place mobile billboards, pedicabs, airplane banners and have even hired a horse and buggy to deliver OOH messaging.

There is also a huge guerilla component of media that often falls into the OOH category. Examples include chalk-art, wild postings, street furniture, gas pumps and much much more.

Out of Home Billboard example

We have planned and placed OOH in every major market in the country and many smaller ones as well. If we haven’t been in the market recently, we will travel there and tour the OOH options during the planning process. Rarely do we ever buy OOH in traditional showings, but rather we cherry-pick based on combining timing, impact and relevance along with DEC numbers and high traffic areas.