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Yes, this is still a major media category. True, it is still evolving, particularly in large cities where circulation continues to drop. Good or bad, consumers are turning to the Internet for their news coverage and the traditional newspapers are either trying to get in that sector or actually folding altogether, RIP Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Tampa Tribune and Rocky Mountain News (amongst many others).

The timeliness of news delivery hurts the traditional printed version since the Internet is practically in real-time. And budget cuts have often resulted in real journalism lacking in the newspapers. News is really now an Internet buy however some clients still get good results from their large metro daily newspaper, even if it is an aging audience.

Smaller markets, suburbs, and neighborhoods often still have local newspapers that are thriving and can be an excellent medium for advertising. We have many rural clients across the country and also Colorado-based clients that advertise throughout the state. We have found ourselves to be experts through experience with newspapers as small as a few thousand circulation to millions.