We are so happy to welcome Nicole Martinez to the Explore team!!!



Programmatic media buying is the algorithmic purchase and sale of advertising space in real time. Software is used to automate the buying, placement, and optimization of media inventory via a bidding system.

At Explore Communications, we regularly use programmatic digital to help our clients efficiently and effectively find their ideal audience online. Programmatic digital media is about aligning with a specific audience and serving ads to them where they are spending time. It is not about aligning with a specific website.

We are technology agnostic, choosing to utilize the digital platform that will best help us achieve our client’s goals. We engage with niche DSPs for specific delivery but have an extensive list of partners we engage depending on the targeting capabilities and placement offerings.

All Programmatic digital campaigns are served through DoubleClick in-house and optimized in real time to ensure we are exceeding industry benchmarks.