We are so happy to welcome Nicole Martinez to the Explore team!!!


Native Advertising

There’s no denying that consumers have developed “advertising blindness” when it comes to online display ads. They can be easy to ignore or skip. In order to help reengage audiences online, content driven advertising or Native ads are becoming more and more prevalent.

Native ads are text and look like news headlines (content). These ads are distributed across contextually relevant websites and will match the look, feel and functionality of the publisher’s surrounding editorial content. Because the ad feels organic to the site, the content is received as relevant and valuable, so consumers are more inclined to click on the ad and engage with the message.

At Explore Communications, we utilize Native advertising for clients who have a longer story to tell or are looking to show the world that they are experts in their field. We have a long list of programmatic partners we have partnered with. We have also worked directly with sites like PopSugar.com and Conde Nast Digital to create custom native articles on behalf of our clients.

Like with all our digital campaigns, we monitor campaigns weekly, ensuring that campaigns exceed client expectations and industry benchmarks.