Media as Creative as Creative Itself
June 12, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


It is no secret that culture is a bit part of what differentiates Explore Communications from other agencies. A large component of our culture stems for our core beliefs around media planning and buying. One philosophy that you will likely hear us boast about is that we fully believe that media should be as creative as the creative itself. And we have the campaigns to prove it. But what does that mean?

As media planners and buyers, we are well versed in all standard media planning and buying. We can calculate CPMs, plan impression levels to ensure powerful digital campaigns and buy to the optimal reach and frequencies across our broadcast buys. That’s standard. And we do that really really well. But we know that the media placements need to be relevant and timely in order to make an impact the first time our target consumer sees them. That is how we defy the traditional “laws of reach and frequency”. What makes our campaigns creative and break through the clutter are the high impact elements included in our media plans. For each client that means something different:

  • For Denver Water that meant making the media part of the creative.

Denver Water Billboard

  • For Cherry Creek North that meant bringing the shopping experience to the people of Denver in the form of a traveling glass truck.

Cherry Creek North Glass Truck

  • For Scentsicles that meant running a “scenterfold” in the Sexiest Man Alive issue of People Magazine .

For Explore Communications as an agency, it means we go above and beyond. We push the limits (and our vendors). We don’t believe anything is impossible! For more case studies and details about our media expertise, visit our success stories and expertise page.



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