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ScentSicles are scented ornaments that make artificial Christmas trees “smell fresh cut”. Each year their goal is to increase awareness and in-store sales, and with a very short selling period and distinctive seasonality, it is important their presence is dominant.   Pre and post campaign studies show a lift in brand awareness year after year. And even better, sales exceed goals.

The creative strategy developed by Made Movement included a studly lumberjack mountain man that mistakes artificial trees for the real ones because of the amazing scents of ScentSicles. A flagship media strategy/tactic was to take advantage of the timing of People Magazine’s annual Sexiest Man Alive issue by placing a full page spread of our lumberjack humorously and sort of seductively laying next to an artificial Xmas tree and enjoying the scent from ScentSicles. To take this even further, we let the reader enjoy the scent as well by including a Scratch N Sniff in the corner of the ad and thusly naming our placement a Scenterfold.

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