Cherry Creek North

Cherry Creek North is a well known shopping, dining, entertainment and residential area of Denver. When they hired us eight years ago, overall district sales data were down and the economy was in a recession. We came up with the overall advertising strategy to bring the experience of CCN to the people. In our first year working with CCN, our strategy and advertising campaign helped CCN increase overall sales when they would have been happy with flat (based on tax data).

We staged a glass walled truck with models wearing clothing, jewelry and accessories from stores throughout CCN. We also used furniture and décor from home furnishing stores in the district. The truck drove to high density target areas and the models would come out to do impromptu fashion show catwalks while handing out collateral that included a chance to win a shopping spree (so it was measureable). The copy on the handouts described their clothing such as shirt by MAX and attitude such as smile by the spa, etc.