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Practicing Humility
August 20, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


As we have mentioned many times before (see here, here and here), culture is a huge part of what makes Explore, Explore.  We have an agency vision statement that includes a list of values that we strive to embody in order to help us achieve our agency mission. A few of these company values are creativity, immersion, transparency, and most recently, humility.  As Brett says in this blog post, “having humility in the workplace will make us better individuals and a better media planning and buying shop”. It is about treating each other with respect and kindness and gratitude. While the concept seems simple enough,  we are always looking for ways to help us flex our humility muscles. Below are two good examples of how to implement humility in the work place.

This article is a “how-to” on how to give constructive criticism at work – a good reminder of how to be humble, even while being direct.

We also ran across this engaged feedback checklist, which pairs nicely with the above article.

How are you practicing humility in the workplace?

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