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Airport Advertising
December 1, 2021
By Ashton Kohrs

airport advertisingWhy can it be so beneficial to place your brand in the center of travel?? Airport advertising drives brand awareness, consideration, and intent among air travelers!

If you aren’t convinced, check out these statistics:

  • 88% notice advertisements in the airport
  • 79% read advertisements in the airport
  • 61% recall advertisements in the airport
  • 54% take action from advertisements in the airport

Airports offer brands a captive environment to not only engage decision makers but target them with a specific message in a key touchpoint of their traveling journey. Daily, 2 million US passengers travel through US airports. That’s a lot! These 2 million passengers typically arrive at the airport 1-2 hours prior to boarding and 65% of them spend more than 15 minutes walking the concourse. This gives brands the opportunity of being seen by many, many people and for a decent amount of time.

There are multiple ways to go about advertising in an airport, but the most popular is digital, print, and experiential. Digital advertising is going to allow the brand more flexibility and limitless creativity. These are going to vary from digital ads above the visitor information centers or phone booths to large video walls on the way to each gate.

Print advertising is going to demand more attention from the brand. It cannot be turned off or skipped and delivers call-to-action messages effectively. It is a great vehicle to dominate an airport with multiple displays and bold statements.

Experiential advertising is going to allow advertisers to combine branding with engagement, creating something new and exciting for the travelers.

We absolutely recommend this form of advertising if you’d like to gain visibility, reach a valuable audience, and leverage extensive dwell time!

Next time you go to the airport, check out all the advertisement placements and media. You might get an idea or two!

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