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Visit ¡CUBA!
October 19, 2018
By Sarah Chapin

As we inch closer to winter, there is a noticeable bite in the air. And while we have only had one snow to date, the cooler weather has us already reminiscing about the warm summer days. Luckily, on October 26, The Denver Museum of Nature & Science will be opening their newest exhibition, ¡CUBA!, where people can soak up the sights, sounds and vitality of the Caribbean’s largest island nation.

The main feature of the exhibition is the “plaza”. This feature evokes Cuban city life with streetscape displays that encourage museum guests to play Cuban dominoes, try Cuban foods and coffee, and listen to Cuban music. There are also beautiful re-creations of the island’s habitats, with lifelike models representing its distinctive wildlife.

The Museum worked with the Cuban community in Denver to enhance the experience, by adding live musical and dance performances at times during the exhibition’s run.

Other highlights include:

  • An exhibit about tobacco, telling the story of the legendary Cuban cigar, one of the country’s leading exports, with around 100 million handcrafted and shipped around the world each year
  • Altars or “thrones” created especially for the exhibition, exploring an Afro-Cuban spiritual practice called “orisha,” or Santeria
  • A stunning carnival costume on stilts from one of the country’s most elaborate festivals, the Carnival of Santiago de Cuba, which occurs every summer
  • A bicitaxi, part bicycle, part taxi, which has become an entrepreneurial enterprise in Cuba, providing a primary form of transportation for locals and tourists.
  • An interactive art “gallery,” where guests can project on the walls paintings, sculptures or performance art created by Cuban artists
  • An exploration station with artifacts exploring a day in the life of some of Cuba’s indigenous people

If you are looking for something fun where you can imagine you are still soaking up the warm summer sun, be sure to visit this exciting new exhibition!

The exhibition will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Jan. 20 and is free with General Admission. For more information, visit dmns.org/cuba.

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