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The Secret Super Power of Outdoor Advertising
April 25, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


When it comes to marketing, brands always want to reach as many people as they can within their target audience; and it makes sense right? Cast a wider night and catch more fish, reach for the low hanging fruit and pick more apples, advertise to a broader audience and track more leads. The method seems simple enough; but something else that’s simple enough? People. Do. Not. Like. Being. Advertised. To. No one picks up a newspaper and skips right to the classifieds or turns on the TV  and forwards to the commercials.

We’re living in the future, folks. Which means that people can and will skip ads when possible. They pay extra with OTT to skip commercials, update their adblocker on every search engine, and buy an app that streams music ad-free. I know this may sound odd coming from a Media Buying agency, because we’re the experts with the hard facts and experience and we can attest to the fact that these tactics do work. OTT, Social, Print, SEM, Broadcast, whatever it may be. They work, they are effective, and they will always be a vital artery to your business. My point here is, they are also too-often skippable.

This is where Out of Home Marketing steps into the ring, lifts its heavy weight belt, and lets the other tactics shy away in intimidation; because OOH can do what other tactics can’t. We know it, you know it, and consumers don’t know it; and that’s the magic. Out of Home is large, unmissable, unavoidable, and most importantly, powerful. While a consumer may be able to change the cable channel, they cannot move a 48-foot-tall billboard. Consumers may throw away the classified section of their newspaper, but they can’t throw away the Bus Tail ad staring them in the face during morning traffic. The Wallscapes and Billboards and Train wraps – they’ll always be there, and no subscription or monthly fee or remote control will be able to take them away.

A single billboard can reach millions of people, and if done right, OOH creative will reach the masses while feeling like it’s speaking to just one. The scale and placement of OOH adds a certain element that can’t be replicated, replaced, or ignored. So, as we continue to catapult into the future with digital, streaming TV, etc., don’t forget about the power of traditional media, especially Out-of-Home.

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