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Why Your Brand Should Be Using Paid Search
June 26, 2020
By Brett Grischo


Paid Search is a great advertising tool to get your brand noticed. At Explore Communications, we manage Paid Search campaigns for many of our clients. Throughout managing these, we have seen success and more brand recognition be brought to their companies. Don’t just take it from us, below are some standout facts from Instapage on why it thinks you should be using Paid Search as well:

  • Reach. Nearly two trillion searches are made on Google in a year. Their searches could be looking for solutions that your business provides.
  • Large Range of Targeting Capabilities. There are multiple different targeting options such as bidding on keywords that allow you to precisely home-in on your targeted audience.
  • Harness Intent. When users are searching on the Google Search Network, they are not looking to be advertised to. Your ad coming up helps them find the solution to their search
  • Flexible Budget. You can control everything starting from the maximum bid on the ad to the daily budget of the campaign. You can also allocate your budget to what is performing the best.
  • Build Brand Awareness. Reinforcing your brand’s name is necessary to build trust and credibility with your customers. Even if potential customers aren’t clicking on your brand when they make a search, they are still seeing it.

 So, if you are interested in building your brand through this method, let us know! It is a great addition to any advertising campaign.

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