Black Friday Advertising
November 23, 2021
By Ashton Kohrs

Not only does Thanksgiving mean great food and quality time with family, but it also means Black Friday!

Black Friday is easily the biggest shopping event of the year, whether it is in-store or online!

It is important to take advantage of events like this! Not only are they exciting, but they are very profitable. Here are some ways you can make the best out of this time of year!!


  • Introducing discounts

This is going to be the easiest way to promote your business and products for Black Friday. You can go anywhere from 30% to 70% off – however much is reasonable for your business.

  • Creating bundles

This could mean bundling items to be sold together or offering buy one get one options.

  • Making these limited time offers

They don’t have to end the day after Black Friday or even after Cyber Monday, but they should have a clear end date to create urgency and excitement.

  • Adjusting landing pages and product pages

Prepare to adjust the design of your website pages to bring out the ‘Black Friday’ aesthetics. You need to make it clear to your audience that something is happening and it’s going to be great! Continue to focus on your brand colors, call-to-actions, and pop-ups throughout this process.

  • Using a flash sale tactic

Flash sales are great for increasing the rate of impulse buying. Use time frames of 24 to 36 hours.

  • Making sure to utilize social media

Social media platforms are going to be the easiest and quickest way to let your customers know that there is something happening and that they need to check it out. You can share the discounts, products, time frames, and whatever else related to Black Friday.


Overall, it is important to create suspense, excitement, and urgency!


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