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Advertising Myths
October 24, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


As media planners, from time to time we will find that someone’s personal consumption (or lack thereof) of a specific media tactic will shape their perception about the potential success of that tactic (i.e. I don’t watch the History Channel, so therefore, no one else does). If we can’t come up with hard-core facts proving that they are impactful in reaching the target audience, they can be dismissed as part of our media mix. It is one of Explore’s passions to be a leader in researching new technologies and media tactics, as well as educating our clients about what is working in the market and what is not.

Below are a few common phrases we hear:

  • No one watches live TV anymore
    • Myth! Because more and more people are cutting the cord, live TV viewed via antennae is actually increasing
  • No one listens to traditional radio
    • Myth! As stated in Nielsen’s CMO Report 2018, radio usage is actually higher than TV during daytime (6A-4P) proving that traditional radio is still a powerful media tactic
  • Mass media is too expensive
    • Myth! While mass media tends to have a higher out-of-pocket cost, it is actually very efficient from a cost-per-thousand standpoint (because it can reach hundreds of thousands of people every day!!)
  • One of the newer myths in the industry is based on Gen Z. Can an age group that doesn’t hold the purchase power in the household influence purchases? Some people say would say no because they don’t have money to spend, however that is far from the truth when looking at the Snap Inc. & NCSolutions study that was conducted earlier this year.
    • The study found that 63% of sales driven by Snapchat advertisements were a result of ads that only reached Gen Zers, not the primary purchaser in the household. This proves that the youngest generation in the household is a significant part of the purchase funnel.

So, before you start listening to the endless advertising myths, make sure to do your research and find out what the real story is in the marketplace. Or just ask the professionals 😊

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