Advertising During COVID Works Waaaaaaaaaay Too Well
September 18, 2020
By Brett Grischo


The Emmys are this Sunday (9/20) on ABC. Rolling Stone gives a nice summary of what to expect right here.

HBO and the streaming services have been pulling awards away from the traditional networks for years now. This year should be more of the same. I’m oddly interested more than ever from a personal standpoint. Perhaps because with COVID, I was like this guy by early April.

I’m rooting for Better Call Saul and Ozark; both deserve multiple accolades. I’ve also enjoyed Billions, Succession, Killing Eve, Shameless, Schitts Creek, Yellowstone, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Sex Education, Russian Doll, The Morning Show and The Good Place. I don’t miss GOT and the Handmaid’s Tale can go scratch itself. And here is an early nod for an Emmy next year for Ted Lasso please.

Professionally, these shows and so many more have made planning and buying streaming services an integral part of our clients’ advertising campaigns. Whether someone is watching on cable, via their big screen TV, tablet, phone, computer or wherever, COVID has accelerated the popularity of on-demand viewing. We’ve had fun recommending the best options for our clients that are running “TV.”

COVID has also helped the big Social Media sites increase their ad revenue – Facebook boycotts weren’t even a blip in the wallet for Mark Zuckerberg. I personally have bought so much stuff from well-targeted Instagram ads, I’m almost embarrassed. I mean, I really didn’t need that push-up handles contraption (I have hands attached to my arms) and those socks? Who buys socks from an Instagram ad?

I will say I love my Caddis readers and was super excited when my coworker Sarah was sporting her own on our last Zoom call. I just got notified by FedEx that my new sunglasses are on my porch right now and yesterday I finally got my Cam Cole album. Oh and lets not forget my Whalebone shorts, the LED lights for Mindy’s desk, my Rock N Soul shirts (three of them) and my guitar tuner that came with a pack of picks.

Yep, advertising during COVID has my attention because its been so well targeted and my time spent watching streaming video and the ONE social media account I’m personally still using has gone way up. And this is why we are having so much fun placing media for our clients in these same places. Pretty cool.

Who do you want to win an Emmy and what nonsense have you bought from Social Media ads?














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    • Just saw this – I need to moderate comments more often! Yes, your desk is like an art car at Burning Man now with those lights!

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