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Advertising Drives it Home
February 12, 2019
By Explore


It’s fun to see how companies in vertical industries such as Real Estate look at advertising. Take a look at what TJCRealEstate focuses on for their own marketing efforts per their guest blog written by Sondra Lockett-Cameron.

How many times have you caught yourself sitting in traffic, at the doctor’s office, or on a date and you are overflowing with an aching sense of ennui?  As a distraction, you start reading bumper stickers, billboards, magazines or watching the television over your date’s shoulder at the bar, anything in search of something brilliant to ease your weary boredom. Suddenly you feel amused, entertained, disgusted or in awe of the advertisements that cross your path.  As a younger me, I marveled over the simplicity and beauty of the Absolute™ Vodka and Benneton™ magazine ads. I dreamed with the VW commercials as they played Nick Drake’s ‘Pink Moon’. Oh! And what about the scintillating PooPouri™ commercial? Speaking of bowel movements or not, you have to admit that the way the seemingly prudent lady tells of dropping a brick at her boyfriend’s house is unexpectedly clever and hilarious!  How many times have you caught yourself calling someone a ‘lint-licker’ from the Orbit™Gum commercial or singing along to the Folgers™ Coffee jingle, ‘The best part of waking up is Folgers™ in your cup.’? Advertising is a bigger part of our lives then we realize and good advertising works as ingenious advertising can move mountains for a business. It’s how brands attract their audience. It’s how the Super Bowl gains more viewers.  Whether you hate or love the ads you come across, you know the product and isn’t that the point?

As a Real Estate and Property Management firm, we at TJC realize that word of mouth will take us far, but with the amount of competition we face (you know the phrase, ‘everyone you meet knows at least 6 realtors’), advertising is key for long-term success.  There are many advertising ventures that are well known routes for the real estate industry and when done right can be victorious for lead generation.

    1. Social Media.  Having a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are gateways to gaining and interacting with potential clients.  Did you know that when a prospective buyer/seller executes an internet search for a Realtor by name, one of the top results will always be LinkedIn?  Making sure that one’s profile is up-to-date, professional and creative is crucial in making that first impression.
    2. Website.  A website is a landing area and mutual connection for all efforts.  It is imperative to advertise service offerings, available listings, testimonials, social media connection, webinars/podcasts, and a full bio of why clients should choose you or your firm.  It is equally essential for competing success to make sure your website is executed in a professional manner with current innovations in place.
    3. Print, Radio or T.V. Advertising.  Being seen (or heard) in a variety of outlets during a campaign will give you an edge when trying to reach a broad audience.  If a prospective client not only sees your FB post in their feed and the postcard that came to their house, but also sees your ad at the bus stop on the way home, which we obtained via Explore Communications, then they are more likely to remember your name, engage and/or refer you when asked if they know a realtor.  


  • Good Schwag, Envious Experiences.  Sponsoring the local Kids’ Triathlon while offering TJC branded water bottles at the finish line is one of our most rewarding events and marketing tools.  What about branded beach balls at the pool, offering giant games to play with at summer community events or a life size Candy Land game with a real candy store during the holiday festival? Finding ways to support worthy causes, engage with community and entice your audience is an endless and worthwhile journey.  


  1. Selfless Acts, Volunteerism and Sponsorships. Sponsoring neighborhood schools and local fundraisers are no-brainers.  You get your name plastered everywhere, you have supported a good cause and with little effort on your part. Now, if you have the time and manpower, signing up to volunteer at a local event, a 5K fundraiser or preparing meals for those in need is the most effectual means to support the community while reinforcing your teams’ values within your work culture.  Does it matter if everyone knows your name at these events? The marketing manager in me says yes, but the karmic apprentice in me says no and believes that what you put out there, you will receive ten fold.

Advertising is the act of directing the audience’s attention to one’s needs, services or products.  Whether you are being heard or seen, make it an experience and make it count. Call your local schools for sponsorship opportunities.  Hire a digital marketing firm to assist your busy team. Reach out to advertising gurus like Explore Communications for a unique marketing campaign.  Become a neighborhood anchor, an online mainstay, and a friendly face to all you meet. There you go. Realtor advertising in a nutshell.

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