Welcome Ashton Kohrs to the team! We are excited to have you!!!! Woot woot!


We hope you already know what we do and are just curious as to how we do it because we really don’t want to blabber on and on about media planning and buying while using phrases such as screen agnostic programmatic and post-analysis reach and frequency delivery. My head started throbbing as I wrote it.

Instead, know this about Explore Communications:

All we do is media planning and buying in every media type, offline and online

We’ve been doing it as a company for twenty years

We have over twenty-five clients ranging from national to regional to local

We are eight dedicated professionals passionate about media

We are creative

We are fun

We are wicked smart

We aren’t like any of the other media shops, media departments or media freelancers (this is a good thing – call me and I’ll tell you why)

The thing we hear most often from new clients is, “Wow, we had no idea what we weren’t getting from our previous media shop!” And sometimes we hear, “Wow, that is some collage on the back of the bathroom door!” Luckily there is a second bathroom upstairs.

Media Expertise
We believe media should be as creative as the creative itself. We defy traditional media models for audience delivery by considering timing, impact, and relevance as much as we do impressions, costs, and reach.
Our approach toward company culture is simple: Happy people do better work than unhappy people. It's that easy.
Success Stories
Yay clients and yay us! Yay clients and yay us!
We can’t tell you all our secrets, but we can tell you this: Our clients have great success in collaboration with our media planning and buying services.