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Tell Me a Story
October 17, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


The word “story” has taken on a whole new meaning with the boom of social media. You may hear quite often, “did you see *insert your friend’s name here* story last night?” or “I watched *insert your favorite shoe brand here* story and they’re having a flash sale!” These types of stories are the stories that are posted to social media platforms.

Besides using these little snippets of video to show your friends what you’re up to, many advertisers have found them to be impactful as part of their advertising campaign. Adweek went ahead and made a list of some big companies that have integrated them into their advertising. Here’s a quick summary of our top three favorites:

  • McDonald’s – They incorporated the popular “summer fails” videos with their own stories to show how there is an “easier way to enjoy summer” like getting a Big Mac for dinner. What is more action provoking than a mouthwatering looking cheeseburger on your phone?!
  • The New York Public Library – They first thought it was contradicting to use a “fast and fleeting” format to promote iconic novels, however, they found a clever way to make it work. You can literally read some of these classics from their stories by tapping through at your own pace. Go read them for yourselves on the @nypl Instagram.
  • com – They nailed humor in their “hate-like” themed campaign that they brought to their stories. They feature their “Captain Obvious” character doing vacation-like activities making funny comments on his follower’s vacation social media content.

Go check these out and comment your favorites!

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