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Working from Home Plan
June 11, 2020
By Sarah Chapin

Just about two years ago I wrote a post called the “Parenting Plan”. It described parenting in “media terms” – what are our goals, strategies, and tactics for raising two small children. Since then, our world, not to mention the world in general (hello COVID-19) has changed drastically. Little did I know that just raising kids a few years ago would seem like a cake walk to raising them while also WORKING FROM HOME WITH THEM. It has taken a lot of strategizing to ensure the kids are entertained, educated, and fed, all while still hitting work deadlines, attending Zoom conference calls and answering emails. Needless to say, a lot of the goals, strategies and tactics have shifted since our last plan! Below is our Working from Home Plan.

Target Audience

  • Kids
    • Age 2-5
  • Parents
    • Age 25-49

Objectives for Kids (in order of priority)

  • Don’t lose our minds
  • Nap
  • Maintain at least some of what they learned in school
  • Eat three well balanced meals per day

Objectives for Parents (in order of priority)

  • Don’t lose our minds
  • Get daily to-do list done
  • Have one Zoom call in peace
  • Eat one well balanced meal per day


  • Get outside at least once per day
  • Ensure a side variety of foods (includes strawberries, blueberries, cheese balls and peanut butter sandwiches)
  • Be in the moment, be patient


  • Purchase new bikes, trampolines, and backyard splash pads
  • Spend 3x the amount at the grocery store compared to pre-COVID-19
  • Subscribe to Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime
  • Bring in a part-time nanny

So how is our campaign performing? Well, like our original campaign, some days are better than others, it varies by the time of day and day of the week, but overall…there has been a lot of wine. This will be an unforgettable time for all of us and I just hope that for our kids, it’s one they look back at fondly. Honestly, with cheese balls and unlimited screen time, how could they not!

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