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Jeepers, Jeep.
February 10, 2021
By Brett Grischo


Hey Coloradoans; can you imagine this? Rudy Giuliani drives his Subaru up to New Terrain Brewing Company in Golden and he saunters in wearing hiking shoes, Levi’s and a ski vest covering his flannel shirt. He takes off his Broncos hat at the bar and orders an IPA. He kneels down by the taco food truck and gazes off into the distance, foothills beyond the city leading to the Rocky Mountains.

No way, right? Just wait till he starts talking. As Rudy pets his rescue dog, his voiceover begins with how we all need to unite and meet in the middle. I’m already so in shock seeing Rudy Giuliani dressed this way, much less trying to believe that he is remotely comfortable pretending to be a Coloradoan while claiming to be a voice of reason for America as a whole. This charade is all so we the viewer will naturally transfer our unfortunate ‘celebrity’ worshipping behavior to one of Rudy as our savior and he’s right. Why can’t we all just get along? Oh yeah, and buy a Subaru?????

I am fascinated by the response to the Jeep commercial that ran during the SuperBowl. Bruce Springsteen made a very rare appearance as the star and spokesman of the 120-second spot.

The Middle-Jeep

The response I am getting from friends and online research has been at both ends of the spectrum. The lefties loved it and the righties hated it.

Springsteen pulled from his poetic and expose material in the style of his Sirius/XM radio show. I have never listened to that show, but somehow, I am aware that Springsteen is not a man united and wanting to meet in the middle. He’s very vocal about his position on the left (I lean that way too). He definitely isn’t a fan of Trump (me either). He definitely isn’t a rancher or farmer from Kansas. I mean, a guy from Jersey picking up dirt outside a conservative Catholic church while wearing his Halloween cowboy costume is supposed to resonate with the masses???? What the heck is Jeep thinking?!? Oh yeah; and buy a Jeep.

I agree our country is more divided than ever (not including the Civil War perhaps) and I personally believe our last president is the main reason for that. However, our country has been on this two-party system for decades and that alone started the divide. Systemic racism helped cause our current divide. Tom Fricking Brady helped cause this divide!

I get it though. As Jennifer Wright said in her tweet, “You would think Jeep would know that if you drive in the precise middle of the road you will die.”

I think it’s good to take a position. If we all ride the fence, it will come crashing down. But does the position have to be all or nothing on either side of the middle? No, it doesn’t. I lean left but value a lot from the right. I would love a more unified country with conflict that is productive – not racist, childish, illegal, or immoral (I wish that no longer can go unsaid).

Am I the best spokesperson for this message? No. But neither is Rudy Giuliani or Bruce Springsteen, especially when one climbs the fence and obnoxiously trespasses in the other’s backyard. Give me a conservative from Kansas collaborating with a liberal from California working together to promote a unified America and you have my attention.

Lets not forget, this was advertising. Jeep is ultimately trying to sell cars. I’ll give you an F on this effort, Jeep. I like brands that stand for something, support causes, give back to the people and take action. The Springsteen thing felt like a sham. Like our politics.

How ‘bout instead you showed men and women of all races and ages and political affiliations driving all over the country in their Jeeps, exploring our wonderful land and immersing in other people’s cultures. You can even have some playing Springsteen on the radio if you must. Just keep him in the background and let’s make this realistic, okay?

Here is another thought. A 30-second spot in the SuperBowl was going for $5.5 million. I’m sure the cost was negotiated down, but that would make the Jeep 120-second spot cost $22 million. What did it cost to produce the commercial and to pay The Boss? Putting back on my media planner/buyer hat, what is the opportunity cost of this noble but poorly executed SuperBowl spot?

What if that $22 million was used to make PSA spots about resources and gatherings meant to help make our country more united? Jeep could provide funding for educational efforts and then run a much less costly ad campaign spread out over time promoting these good and meaningful causes. Hey Jeep, your strategy can be to associate with non-partisanship and full partnership. That just might sell a few Wranglers.

Cue up Born in the USA and tell me what you thought of the Jeep Springsteen commercial.



*It just gets more ridiculous. Not sure how Jeep didn’t vet this situation out. The ad has been pulled:

Bruce Springsteen’s Super Bowl ad scrapped from Jeep’s YouTube page

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