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The Importance of Search Engine Marketing
April 4, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


SEM, search engine marketing, is a crucial tool to advertising your business online. According to Google experts, 87% of smartphone owners use search engines like Google for information in a time of need. Finding a business via search can sometimes be the first time someone is being introduced to your brand or business. So it is important that you maintain an active presence.

Our assistant, Audrey, recently attended a Google seminar hosted by our client, Downtown Boulder. She learned a lot during the seminar, but what stood out most was how simple changes to your online presence can make a big difference! These are the most impactful tactics that stood out to her from the event:

  1. Know your consumer’s vocabulary. This is essential since you will want to make sure you are front and center when they are far enough down the funnel to be researching your services. How do you think of your industry category? What would they search if they needed your services? Make sure to include those keywords on your site and in your search ads to make sure you are as relevant as possible.
  2. Think and breathe mobile marketing. 50-60% of users will never see your desktop website. That’s why it’s imperative you give full attention to your mobile functionality. Consumers these days have a feed mentality. They like to access a mobile site that allows them to scroll a site like a feed rather than zooming in to click on tabs.
  3. Consumers love photos. Taking photos of your business, services, products and even employees gives them something tangible to look at while making their decision. It can convey the type of experience they may have while they’re there. How would they feel standing in your business? Using your services? Buying your products? Consider even adding a virtual tour!
  4. Finally, consumers are less and less willing to wait around for your website to load. A difference of 1 millisecond in load time could lead to hundreds and thousands of dollars in revenue for your business. Checking and improving your website load time is quick and easy to fix.


Focusing on these strategies will help your business be more relevant and successful. Advertising yourself online can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

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