Yanny or Laurel
May 16, 2018
By Brett Grischo

We like to say nothing is impossible in the world of media. In the past, we’ve been the first in Denver to place ads on conveyor belts in grocery stores, place three second spots on radio, create elevator advertising at Red Rocks, build a partnership between Facebook, Pandora and Weber Grill, install mammoth tusks on top of taxi cabs, affix stickers on money, and we even helped get a dude in a toilet costume on the field at Mile High Stadium.

We’ve investigated wrapping the roof of domed stadiums, advertising on water towers, flash mobs just about everywhere, ads on hubcaps, sewer caps and ball caps, and probably even mowing a message in your mom’s front yard. Nothing is impossible.

Except hearing Laurel. All I got is Yanny. This is fascinating. What do you hear?

Yanny or Laurel? Click here and if you Laurel me, I’m definitely going crazy…



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