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Waze oh Waze
January 28, 2022
By Ashton Kohrs

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For those that don’t know, Waze is this great navigation app that gives you the inside scoop on all things traffic! It is a community-driven navigation app that allows users – drivers and riders – to update information as they encounter it such as road congestion, police activity, blockades, accidents, construction and more. Waze then takes all this data in and calculates the best, most time efficient route for you to take.

Cool right?!

What’s even cooler is that the advertising and media buying industry can use this app to raise brand awareness and even guide users to a business!

It offers multiple ad formats that help you build awareness of a business, location, brand or promotion, reach more customers, and increase store visits.

Branded Pin

This is a pin marking the brand location on a user’s map. When the user taps the pin, it reveals the brand creative along with information about the location and multiple action buttons, such as ‘Drive There.’

Promoted Search

This is where the brand’s locations show at the top of search results when users search for relevant terms. It will show the brand/business name, the address and how far away it is from the user.

Zero-Speed Takeover Premium

A takeover is a half pull-down menu that pops up when a driver comes to a complete stop. It shows the location, open hours, banner image, an information button, and a call to action such as ‘Drive There’ or ‘Save Offer.’

Location Preview Screen

When a user taps the information button or selects the search result, they will be directed to a more detailed screen. It includes a brand logo, business name, location, hours, how far away it is, phone number, website, and a banner image as well as options for the user to favorite it or save it for later.


Waze is a great way to reach an audience that is often in or around the area of your location. It catches them while they are close by, with the potential to stop at your business on the way to or from wherever they’re heading.

We love finding new ways to reach our clients’ audiences and think Waze is such a cool platform to do just that!


Waze Ads – Boost Store Visits with Location-Based In-Car Ads

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