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Transit Advertising
May 6, 2022
By Ashton Kohrs

light rail wrap advertisement

Check out this great shot of a commuter rail wrap we purchased for Premier Members Credit Union to promote the grand opening of a new brand in Thornton!

Here at Explore, we love transit advertising – it is the perfect way to reach a local audience! Whether promoting on buses, taxis, trains, bus stations, or Ubers, you can easily find every type of customer at these locations. This form of advertising has quickly become one of the biggest tools in the United Stations because it is simply impossible to avoid or neglect. Approximately 30 million people see different ads on buses every week. As a commuter, I can absolutely verify this stat!

So what are the advantages of transit advertising?

  • Better Exposure – whether the audience is riding, walking, or even driving themselves, they are incredibly likely to see it
  • Repetitive Exposure to Ads – people travel along the same route every day, therefore they are likely to see the same forms of transit every day
  • Geographic Advantage – you can select specific routes to capture the exact audience you are trying to influence
  • Cost-Effective – an ad can be purchased at a very affordable CPM


Transit Advertising – Meaning, Types, Pros, Cons & Examples (

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