Happy Summer from the Explore team! Enjoy the sunshine and good vibes!!


Explore has worked with CollegeInvest, Colorado’s 529 Savings Plan, for eight years.  The primary goals for this client are new account openings and deposits into those savings accounts.  We have had tremendous success helping this client meet and surpass new account and deposit goals year over year.

Over the eight years working with CollegeInvest, Explore has tested and refined the media mix in order to land on a powerful combination of high reach mass media and hyper-targeted digital. The media is consolidated into three primary pillars – Back to School, Holiday, and Tax Season.  We segment our media against two primary targets of Parents and Grandparents with a different media mix for each.  For each campaign pillar, we have a layer of high-profile mass media in the form of Broadcast TV and Cable that includes packages during March Madness and the Broncos season.  Connected TV, targeted display online, online video and social media is also included to help reach the niche parent and grandparent audiences. The combination of high-profile mass, with hyper-targeted digital has proven to be incredibly successful. We have consistently seen higher digital metrics and consumer engagement during their campaigns when we have mass media running alongside our targeted digital.

Over the past four years, we have been surpassing new account and contribution goals by double digits.  This year the economy is tough, but we helped them introduce a new program for brand new parents called First Step and it was very successful at bringing in new families to open accounts with CollegeInvest.digital advertising