Mollie’s Question
June 6, 2019
By Brett Grischo


We had Mollie’s one-year review, just a couple weeks after her actual anniversary which is quite outstanding timing for us! I may or may not have forgotten about Mindy’s ten-year anniversary a few years ago so uh, one-year reviews should get a six-month grace period, should they not? Note to self: revise the company handbook.

Mollie is awesome so the review was a good meeting and lucky for us, Mollie seems to like working here at Explore. A little crazy (the good kind) is a standard Explore employee trait, me thinks.

Near the end of Mollie’s review, we asked her what she likes best about media, in the context of her job. I think she wanted to say she loves working with Brett but that would have made Mindy and Becky jealous so she talked about something much more interesting than me. And then she asked us what we like the most about our jobs.

Nobody has asked me what I like the most about my job in quite a long time, so I had to think about it. I was going to say working with Mollie, but that would have made Mindy and Becky jealous so I rambled on about other things such as:

  • Learning about a variety of industries and clients
  • Doing awesome work that leads to success for our clients
  • Running my company, and then I corrected myself and said owning my company (Mindy really runs it)
  • The people (they really do feel like my family)

I’m pretty sure I said some other things which upon reflection, I don’t think I answered the question very well. What do I like most about my job?

Really it comes down to everything else in my life. The pursuit of meaningful happiness. Loving yourself, loving others and doing things you love. Freedom. Adventure. Balance. Living in the moment. Believe it or not, I get all of those things here at Explore Communications.

work/life balance and hapiness

I’d hope that if I were a trader on Wall Street, a circus clown, a toll booth operator or a doctor, that I’d be as happy working those jobs as I am at Explore. They say you are what you eat, right? So yeah, I love my job and it’s in large part because of what I put into it. Sure, I love learning about various industries, helping my clients succeed and the rest, but really, I appreciate where I am in this world, who is in my life and what I’m doing with my life. Working at Explore is a big part of it – after all, I’ve devoted a large chunk of my life in the world of advertising since 1989.

So yes, Mollie, I love my job for lots of reasons. But most of all, I love my job because I’m part of something awesome and I have the ability to make it even more awesome. There are a lot of ways to make a buck and I’m glad I chose Explore Communications.

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