Trees for Practically Free and a Great Cause
March 10, 2021
By Brett Grischo


My older son Will is a senior at the Denver School of Arts. He’s a real do-gooder and always has some extra-curricular volunteer work going on. One of his latest ventures is for Tree Plenish. The concept is to replace all the trees their school used in the form of paper by planting new trees all over Denver. They need to plant 150 trees to reach their goal and you can help!

Signing up takes three minutes and can be done at this easy and slick site: https://treeplenish.typeform.com/to/qRJ6T1zE



I bought four Aspen trees for five bucks each, and volunteers will come to my house to plant them. I assume these are saplings so don’t expect to block the neighbor’s view of your shenanigans in the backyard. I also donated an extra five bucks for the great cause and I hope you do too!

What does this have to do with media planning and buying? Absolutely nothing! This is a shameless plug for my son and his fellow students at DSA working with Tree Plenish. We here at Explore are proud of you all!

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