President Gantner
September 13, 2017
By Brett Grischo

Following is an interview with Brett Grischo, owner of Explore Communications, and the voices inside his head. In other words, here is Brett’s discussion with himself:

 (Voices in Brett’s Head = VBH): Hello Brett, you look very handsome today.

(Brett = B): Thank you!

(VBH): Lets get right to the point. You finally promoted Mindy Gantner to President of Explore Communications.

(B): Yes! It is so well-deserved and really should have been done a long time ago.

(VBH): Right. Hasn’t she been basically running the place while you do whatever it is you do?

(B): I do things! But yes, she has been doing Presidential things, particularly while I have been out of the office more than usual the last couple years.

(VBH): Why did it take so long to promote Mindy? And, she’s been VP/Media Director, right?

(B): Well, my peeps here at the office know that I’m not into titles. We don’t even have them on our business cards.

(VBH): Can I interrupt to ask why you still have a fax number on your business cards? I’m surprised you don’t have curly paper for it too.

(B): Hey, without a fax machine, we wouldn’t get cruise ship offers or capital and refinancing proposals from shady companies.  Anyway, we try not to have rank-ism here at Explore. Everybody is super important and we work together as a team. We are only as good as we are on the whole, so I don’t like hierarchy.

(VBH): Are you saying the cleaning lady is as important as Mindy?

(B): No! Well, yes. Who wants to sit on a dirty toilet? Not our President Mindy, I tell you! True, there are job responsibilities and roles that vary greatly at Explore but again, everyone is super important, valuable and has a huge affect on our collective work and lives.

(VBH): Well then why are you promoting Mindy to President if you aren’t into titles.

(B): Great question. Don’t forget she is still Media Director too, since we are throwing around labels. First off, my peeps told me they want titles. I have to assume its not to put on LinkedIN and for their resume so they can find other jobs with even fancier titles, but rather because clients and vendors and others in the business tend to want to know titles. It’s important to enough other people, especially my Explore peeps that I had to relent and officially recognize titles. Plus it gives them pride to have things to work toward instead of just salary increases and gaining knowledge and experience.

(VBH): That makes sense. How will Mindy’s role change as President?

(B): She’s going to build a wall and do a lot of other horrible things to wreck the world. Wait, did I just say that out loud or was that you?

(VBH): It was both of us.

(B): Wrong President, sorry. Seriously, as President, Mindy’s daily role and responsibility isn’t changing because she’s already been doing presidential things here for a long time. However, it is part of an overall moment toward the growth and future of Explore. Part of this shift has been my own personal focus on less client work and less internal culture work. I still tend to lead on new business and handle the business part of running a company. Mindy certainly has helped in all those areas as well, in addition to working on every single client and being here for every single employee whether as a mentor, coach, teacher or straight up cohort.

(VBH): What you are saying is that while you travel around the world, Mindy is doing all the work.

(B): You need to stop following my Facebook and Instagram feed.

(VBH): But I am you.

(B): Damnit! Okay, that is true, I’ve been traveling more and more, but I still contribute where I’m needed. The thing is Mindy and the rest of the crew have everything well in control. Mindy, Becky, Sarah, Cassie, Rachael, Taylor and Jon complete me.

(VBH): That was really cheesy.

(B): I know. I went Jerry McGuire on ya. They all really complete Explore, and each other. Led by Mindy. So she’s the President (and Media Director) and I couldn’t be more proud of her. And honored to work with her. Mindy Gantner is an outstanding workmate and an even more outstanding person.

(VBH): You and the team are all really lucky.

(B): We are. And I’ll never take her for granted. Even if I waited too long to crown her President.

(VBH): Its about time!

(B): Word. Congratulations to Mindy Gantner, President/Media Director of Explore Commications.

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