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A New Generation of Advertising
March 29, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


As a media buying agency, understanding how to reach each generation is a constant topic of conversation. It doesn’t matter what angle, perspective, tactic, strategy or vertical – the growing question is always how to reach the younger generations that will grow into loyal customers. Move over Millennials because Gen Z is the new hot generation. But this audience is relating to and consuming media much differently than any generation before them.  Every company, big or small, is fighting to cut through the clutter, to make the next big statement, and evolve before the curve to reach this unique demographic.

gen z media target

Gen Z is more than their cord-cutting, avocado-toast-loving, student-debt-ridden, reputation they are so often known for. They want to be entertained – constantly. One day Snap Chat is the top trend, but the next it may be TikTok. Which means advertisers need to understand their entertainment platforms quicker than Gen Z’s attention span.

Gen Z won’t subscribe to a newspaper or pay for cable. They won’t trust an ad that’s not on the first page of their search results or a company that doesn’t have a little blue check on Instagram. Gen Z-ers will support a shoe because they took a stand, they’ll buy a burger because they made them laugh on Twitter, and they’ll pay for an app to re-watch a show for the third time because it lets them watch when they want and where they want. Gen Z wants to make an impact, to raise their voice and they want their brands to do the same thing.

Brands are finally starting to pick up on just exactly how to reach these new consumers. They’re thinking more creatively than ever before and it’s making media more exciting than ever before. Below, are five brands doing it right by Generation Z.

  1. Nike – Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Campaign took a major swing by choosing a side and standing tall. Guaranteed to upset some, Nike understands that Generation Z doesn’t tolerate brands with no voice
  2. Wendy’s – Wendy’s is famous for engaging with Generation Z on twitter by embracing generation z’s humor
  3. Bacardi – Bacardi captures the idea that Gen Z-ers want to feel alive, feel connected, and experience life in their “Do What Moves You” campaign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpqQrTBgvT8
  4. Adidas – Adidas may have done everything right with this campaign. Influencers – Check. Inspiration – Check. Impact – Check. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LShT-_oi7uQ


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