Getting Started in a New Year
January 7, 2022
By Ashton Kohrs


Now being in 2022, we have a whole year of endless possibilities! It’s the perfect time to set goals for yourself, whether that might be saving enough money for a new car, going to the gym more, or even trying to be more positive in your everyday life. It’s a time to start fresh and accomplish the things you’ve always talked about!

I know we’re now a week into 2022, but it’s not too late to make some resolutions for the year!




Here are some example resolutions to help get you started:

Stick to a budget

This can help you save more for the lifestyle you desire as well as give you more confidence in your ability to manage your finances.

Eat food that makes you feel good

Healthy food can give you energy and make you happier. It’s important to find the right foods that make you feel your best!

Be consistent

Being consistent often leads to accomplishing goals and creating healthy habits!

Be less afraid of making mistakes

Most of the time we don’t try something new because we are afraid of making a mistake. We are in fear of something going wrong. Sometimes you need to focus on the potential of something going right. If anything, you learn from your mistakes!

Stop buying things you don’t need

Choose to spend your money on things that truly matter to you.

Have more fun

Yes, your work is important but so is having fun and enjoying life. Choose to make a time every week for something fun – watching your favorite show, getting dinner with a friend, taking your dog for a walk, etc.


There are endless resolutions that could impact your year in such a positive way. Hopefully these examples get your mind juices flowing and you come up with one or two to focus on!

Remember it doesn’t have to be anything huge or crazy. Sometimes the little things truly make a world of difference.

Happy New Year!


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