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The World Needs our Positive Self Talk
September 20, 2019
By Sarah Chapin


Seth Godin is a brilliant author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker who has written 17 bestselling novels.  He also writes a daily blog that is very interesting and entertaining.  You may want to check it out here.

Last Friday, which happened to be Friday the 13th with a full moon, Seth posted the following blog:

Approaching the limits

Not the limit of our skills.

Not the limit of our knowledge.

Not the limit of our physical capacity…

It’s almost always the limits of our internal narrative. Our guts. Our willingness to be kind, to believe, to care enough to leap.

We can’t do anything about the limitations of physics, and we can never do enough to change the limitations of our culture. But we can begin today on changing the internal limits we place on ourselves.

Yes, it’s your turn.

Wikipedia has a few different definitions of self-narrative.  Of course, there is negative self-narrative but there is also the positive side.

“The positive choice means that you’re willing to risk failure, and trust that either way, you’ll be fine. Positive self-talk is supportive and affirming. The fact that you have this capacity for inner dialogue and the ability to direct it, is precisely why the stories you tell yourself matter.”

This whole concept is moving because the world seems like a very uncertain place these days.  It is powerful to think that each one of us can, and should, make a positive difference.  To start this process, it may be as simple as giving yourself a good ole’ pep talk.  Then get in the habit of an internal pep talk daily until it becomes a natural way of thinking.

This is how we will, individually, move mountains.  Our minds and our emotions hold the power!

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